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Building companies impacting the environment and quality of life
Hawkstone Capital, a cleantech investment & advisory firm


I have been involved in cleantech markets since 2003.  Originally this was a function of the role I had running the Global Energy and Infrastructure Business for a Fortune 500 company, General Cable.  At the time, I was speaking at global energy conferences, both fossil fuel and cleantech.  At the cleantech conferences, I would be asked to hold CEO Roundtables.  There would be 4 to 5 CEOs of early stage cleantech companies and we would discuss strategic planning, business planning, financial modeling channel strategies, investor decks and capital raising.

What I found were fantastic companies that had spectacular technology or products created by a scientist, entrepreneur or university.  The problem was many of them were not business people and lacked the experience necessary to build a business around the product or technology they developed or how to bring that product or technology to market profitably over a sustainable period of time.  Consequently, many of these products and technologies never got commercialized, the companies failed, and the environment never saw the benefits.

What I saw was an opportunity to bring a Fortune 500 background and experience to small private companies to help them build a business around the products and technologies they developed, to the betterment of the environment.

Even before leaving General Cable, I was advising early stage cleantech companies with a focus on clean energy, renewable energy, alternative energy, energy efficiency, smart grid technology and energy transition.

I became an advisor to the CEO of The Cleantech Group and joined the Board of NEMA, where I was able to get language in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

In 2009, I created Hawkstone Capital Group to spend full-time on assisting these companies build a sustainable business platform, commercialization strategies and necessary investment to bring those products and technologies to market. 

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