Michael Andrews
Founder, Managing Partner
(917) 520-5211
Park City, Utah

It's rare you come across a well rounded executive such as Mike. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike for several years on a variety of projects in different industries. Mike expertly assessed the financial opportunities and was able to deliver insights on operational strategies to capture those opportunities.

Gene Bem, Managing Director at Iphimedia LC

Ted Kanarek
Managing Director
(201) 669-6748
New York, New York
Bob Schuermann
Managing Director
(513) 940-3554
Cincinnati, Ohio
Makoto Miyakawa
Managing Director
(646) 350-4482
New York, Tokyo
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Masaaki Maeda
Managing Director
(917) 593- 3954
San Mateo, California
Jerry Bratkovich
Strategic Advisor
(201)  783-4888
New York, New York
Robert Corsaro
Strategic Advisor, Food and Beverage
(201) 248-0699
New York, New York
Brenda Smith
Strategic Advisor
(412) 551-5769
New York, New York
Evan J Costaldo
Outside Counsel
(212) 709-8333
New York, New York