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Kelly Anderson

Managing Director

Dallas, TX

Kelly Anderson is the Founder and CEO of CXO Executive Solutions, LLC, a national woman-owned company providing executives to clients on an interim, advisory or permanent basis. Kelly’s 25+ years as a public and private company CFO is critical to the success of CXO and the ability to have peer discussions with CXO clients. With Kelly’s capital market, strategic development, financial acumen, organizational and communication experience, she is able to partner with clients and partners to solve their issues/problems/concerns.

Kelly’s approach to her clients is as a strategic member of the management team. she takes responsibility for team’s ability to report on performance, trends and business issues that affect the execution of client’s goals. These roles require working closely with her clients, including board of directors and executive management to present and communicate company-wide achievements and provide ideas on how to seize new opportunities and mitigate shortfalls.

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